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Agile Trends 2021

Bein’ Agile in 2020 was the only way for organizations to react and adapt to a Covid19’ crisis nobody expected. So what’s up for Agility in 2021 ?

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Talan is proud to participate in and support the « Agile Trends 2021 » event. For four days (from January 25th to 28th), Agile experts and specialists are going to share online their knowledge, opinions and learning. Each day will have it’s own theme : « Agile Organization », « Value and effieciency », « Product and innovation » and « Hr and culture ». Don’t miss those 8 keynotes, 36 talks, 12 debates, 12 open spaces and 12 workshops – both in Spanish and English.

Don’t miss either, Raquel Gavilàn Pàrrage and Andrea Crocco, both Agile Coaches at Talan Spain. They ‘ll lead a session called « How to use Okrs in a Transformation Process ?» on Tuesday 26th (at 11 am). During this workshop, Raquel and Andrea will show, through an pratical and playful exercice, how an OKR (Objectives & Key Results) strategy can be more efficient when you define precislely the objectives and how to measure the results.

Agile Trends 2021 is the big rendez-vous for all the agility pros and passionates. And it’s free to register right here.