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Research @Talan

Talan's Research and Innovation Center

As an international technology and consulting group with over 4,500 consultants, Talan works on a daily basis to develop humanistic technology that will make the new digital age an era of progress for all.
Research is at the heart of our strategy to achieve this goal by enabling us to understand the complex problems we face today, develop new ideas and put them into practice to provide sustainable solutions. That's why we place such a strong emphasis on environmental and humanistic issues in our vision of research.

The Research Centre offers employees from all Talan entities the opportunity to familiarise themselves with scientific approaches, confront original research questions and even collaborate with researchers from the academic world. The Research Centre aims to be a meeting point for research teams from all the countries where Talan is present and the group's customers. Research projects bring concrete value to Talan's internal activities and customers.

The Research Centre draws on the methodological and scientific expertise of PhDs from various scientific disciplines, including Artificial Intelligence, data processing and management sciences.

Some key figures :

Some research projects :

  • Hope: application to simulate greenhouse gas emissions from Talan employees' missions
  • MOCA (MOtion CApture): AI model that analyzes test videos Ankle sprain monitoring: AI-assisted therapeutic monitoring.
  • Neo Staff +: Chatbot application using generative AI to query unstructured databases, create CV's and manage resource allocation planning
  • Fintech: study of the relationship between fintech and banks. Development of an AI model for correcting budget forecasts.
  • Dataviz: display and management of large volumes of multi-dimensional data.
  • AIIntense: partnership on the Neuromonitor and Pupillometer projects.
  • Synthetic data: study of new applications for synthetic data generators for data anonymization and storage.


Our expert advisors (PhD)


Research is a central element of our strategy, enabling us to achieve this objective by understanding the complex problems we face today, developing new ideas and putting them into practice to provide sustainable solutions. This is why we attach great importance to environmental and human-oriented issues in our research vision.

Noteworthy for the strengthening of our research teams and an unprecedented number of publications in recognised journals and conferences, 2022 has shown we can produce recognised results by providing inspiration that makes a pragmatic contribution to the entire Talan group ecosystem. The widely varying projects on which we work is another of our Centre’s strengths. We can work on a range of topics, from environmental and humanoriented issues to advanced technologies.

This 2022 Business Report reflects our commitment to quality research and sustainable innovation. It provides an overview of our achievements and our prospects for the future.

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Talan's Research and Innovation Centre aims for HRS4R accreditation

The Talan Research Centre has embarked on a journey to achieve HRS4R (Human Resources Strategy for Researchers) accreditation, a European label that recognises research institutions committed to providing excellent working conditions and career development opportunities for researchers.