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Talan and Ubiant announce a strategic partnership to reinvent big cities with digital twinning

Talan and Ubiant are developing digital twin solutions that accelerate full process digitisation, multidimensional forecasting and real-time action within buildings and territories.

At a time when digital twinning is becoming the central building block of the smart city, many outstanding issues remain in order to ensure its deployment. 

Building on the experience acquired by Ubiant in the framework of the European “Smarter Together” programme led by the SPL Lyon Confluence, which brings together Lyon, Munich and Vienna, this strategic partnership between Talan and Ubiant will provide a real opportunity to transition to scale. The two companies have been working together for several years to define and develop the essential innovative and operational building blocks. It is in this context that Talan and Ubiant support urban planners in order to provide all smart city stakeholders with a complete, easily industrialised digital twin solution covering a wide range of needs. 

Talan and Ubiant are developing digital twin solutions that accelerate full process digitisation, multidimensional forecasting and real-time action within buildings and territories.  

Talan and Ubiant will intervene on Ubiantqui’s open-source digital twin platform, which is industrialised and secure, in order to accelerate the development of new services.  The open-source feature of this solution opens up new prospects for the various market players and ensures greater long-term sustainability of projects.  

Similarly, this partnership contributes to the creation of a low-carbon environment. With digital twinning, it is possible to reduce the energy consumption of buildings and, in fact, the carbon footprint. 

We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with Ubiant to develop and provide our clients with digital twin solutions in line with the programme deployed by Ubiant within the Lyon Confluence urban project. It is also a partnership that takes on particular meaning at a time when climate issues are a daily concern for society. Digital twinning is becoming one of the scale solutions that provide concrete answers to energy optimisation and the carbon footprint of buildings.” 

Thibault Ducray, Managing Director of Talan Labs




“This partnership with Talan is a great opportunity for us to accelerate the use of digital twinning in many projects. Our teams benefit from complementary areas expertise and together we can multiply our strengths and become one of the key players in major projects around the world that are reinventing cities”

Emmanuel Olivier, President of Ubiant. 


About Ubiant

Founded in 2011, Ubiant has only one purpose: to ensure the success of professionals in the “zero carbon building” industry by helping them to exploit data and optimise their processes, using digital twinning, during all phases of a building’s life cycle, from design to demolition. 

Ubiant’s unique SaaS platform approach combines the best 3D technology with a bio-inspired artificial intelligence engine that looks like no other on the market today. Powerful features facilitate data analysis and balance comfort and energy in real time according to an expected ROI. 

Ubiant believes in a responsible model where smart management at the local level of a building makes it possible to ensure a decentralised balance at the global level of the energy networks. This approach is consistent at a time when we are talking strongly about “Smart Cities” and “Smart Grids” and when self-generation of electricity will become widespread. 

With more than 1.2 million m2 equipped and 20,000 active accounts to date, Ubiant is the only French player to offer an industrialised, multi-site and multi-source artificial intelligence solution for smart buildings and connected objects. Ubiant has equipped more than 250 schools in France under an energy performance contract and several cutting-edge operations in the tertiary sector.