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Talan l’Expo : Hirafen - November 4th, 2023 to March 20th, 2024

Created on the initiative of Behjet Boussofara (Director, Talan) with Aïcha Gorgi (Executive Director, Talan l’Expo), Talan l’Expo is an exhibition concept that aims at supporting and promoting contemporary creation in Tunisia.

Since its launch in 2014, Talan l’Expo has taken place in a new venue each year, accompanied by a corresponding publication, making it a major event on the Tunisian art scene.

Circumambulation, 2014 – Réminiscence, 2015 – 3ajel-Le Temps Réel, 2016 – Gorgi Pluriel, 2018.

The Hirafen exhibition offers a unique dialogue between contemporary art and Tunisian textile crafts. Nineteen multidisciplinary artists have been invited to draw on the craft of thread and fibre weaving to create specific works of art as part of a research and production residency in Tunisia. Through their respective artistic practices, these artists of different origins and generations have each developed a singular approach that delves into the variety of dimensions of an intangible heritage that is all too often overlooked, and whose non-linear history is marked by changes, influences and ruptures. From the north to the south of Tunisia, in the towns and countryside, in the public areas of the medinas and in the intimacy of the home, women and men have always woven, embroidered and braided thread and fibre gathered from their surrounding environment. Their age-old gestures have generated works whose rich diversity of materials, colours and motifs are the result of a wide range of skills and techniques that have been passed down through the time. Exploring the handicraft tradition provides visual artists with a new field in which to experiment, but also to reconnect with making, with gesture, with the hand and, more broadly, with nature and history. It’s also an opportunity for creating dialogue between artists and craftsmen and women, raising the question of more intricate collaborations within their own practices. Knowledge continues to be passed on and gestures repeated, feeding a collective memory that is still very much alive, as demonstrated by the Hirafen exhibition, where the diversity of its many voices enriching the narrative.

Hirafen is the 5th edition of Talan l’Expo and marks the 10th anniversary of its creation.

Download the press release.

Practical information:


November 4th 2023 – March 20th 2024

Ateliers du Centre technique du tapis et du tissage (C3T), Denden, Tunis (Tunisia)

Opening Hours:

10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Every Day

Free admission


Exhibition curators:

Ludovic Delalande

Nadia Jelassi


Majd Abdel Hamid (1988, Syria), lives and works between Paris and Beirut

Joël Andrianomearisoa (1977, Madagascar), lives and works between Paris, Antananarivo and Magnat l’Étrange

Asma Ben Aïssa (1992, Tunisia) lives and works in Tunis

Meriem Bouderbala (1960, Tunisia), lives and works in Tunis

Dora Dalila Cheffi (1990, Finland) lives and works between Tunis and Helsinki

Binta Diaw (1995, Italy) lives and works between Milan and Dakar

Jennifer Douzenel (1984, France) lives and works in Paris

Aïcha Filali (1956, Tunisia) lives and works in Tunis

Mohamed Amine Hamouda (1981, Tunisia) lives and works in Gabès

Sonia Kallel (1973, Tunisia) lives and works in Tunis

Abdoulaye Konaté (1953, Mali) lives and works in Bamako

Aymen Mbarki (1983, Tunisia) lives and works in Tunis

Chalisée Naamani (1995, France) lives and works in Paris

Sara Ouhaddou (1986, France) lives and works between Paris and Marrakech

Zineb Sedira (1963, France) lives and works between Paris, Algiers and London

Aïcha Snoussi (1989, Tunisia) lives and works between Sète and Tunis

Moffat Takadiwa (1983, Zimbabwe) lives and works in Harare

Ali Tnani (1982, Tunisia) lives and works in Tunis

Najah Zarbout (1979, Tunisia) lives and works in Sousse

Ateliers C3T, Denden, Tunis (Tunisia)

Hirafen takes place within the 2,000 m² workshops of the Centre technique du tapis et du tissage, renovated for the occasion by the Dzeta agency, thanks to the support of Talan, and transformed into a temporary exhibition space. Located in Denden, a district in the west of Tunis, halfway between the Bardo Museum and Manouba, these industrial buildings, constructed in the 1970s, were used as a wool complex with a spinning mill and a dyeing plant. Once owned by the Office national de l’Artisanat tunisienn (ONAT), they are now the property of the Centre technique du tapis et du tissagee (C3T), which, following the exhibition, hopes to give them a new lease on life serving the craftmanship.