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Are you ready to manage 5 times more data within the next 5 years?

Businesses are faced with the proliferation of information channels, the complexity of their IT systems and the challenge of leveraging their data. They must however come to grips with these three areas if they are to:

  • move quicker than their rivals
  • create a unique, customised customer experience
  • open up and develop data use in the business for improved communication between business functions
  • have an overall corporate vision

By 2025, billions of connected objects (IoT / IIoT) will coexist across all areas with highly connected humans, generating 175ZB of data (IDC study). This data will be analysed by different types of artificial intelligence (AI), while leveraging the capabilities of hybrid cloud platforms and architectures, and moving ever closer to real time.

This fundamental digital transformation puts data at the heart of all business models and operations. From the public sector to the private sector, value chains across the board will be shaped by this. There is also the issue of being able to ensure this data is governed in an efficient and adaptive manner. As for citizens and customers, they are also increasingly supported by AI, with the technology being embedded in their smartphones.

From a technical perspective, what we are talking about is: data visualisation, machine / reinforcement learning, data science, data warehousing as-a-service, data integration, data security, hybrid cloud (big/smart) data platforms, Master Data Management, Smart automation or Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

For more than 10 years now, Talan has been supporting organisations in making this transformation a reality by providing the necessary human resources, knowledge and technical expertise, while keeping all of their business function, sector and regional characteristics in mind.

Harness the power of your existing data to analyse your business today and predict that of tomorrow

New challenges for Data Intelligence

As a key component of this digital environment, Data Intelligence is crucial for organisations if they are to meet the new challenges of leveraging data intelligence: 

  • Support business growth by leveraging data value
  • Make informed decisions using reliable and meaningful data
  • Transform the organisation through change management programmes to create a data culture and support employee skills development
  • Manage new data risk: regular changes in regulations, fraud risk, cybersecurity measures, etc.

Bringing data and performance together

A smart company is one that applies a data-driven approach to the entire data value chain, where it can: 

  • Gain a competitive advantage (revenue – cost - innovation)
  • Reposition data to the centre of high value-added operations
  • Enjoy greater agility by tracking the fast-paced nature of business models
  • Streamline internal and external data flows to be more real-time based
  • Govern data and its quality
  • Drive innovation
  • Go beyond traditional Business Intelligence where reporting becomes a “commodity”

Take full control of your data to support your "augmented business” transformation

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Data intelligence: the cornerstone of technical and technological expertise

Talan supports its clients on their Data Intelligence projects and strives to offer innovative, sustainable solutions with excellent added value. Our data experts work throughout the data life cycle to help you collect, use, store, organise and visualise the power of your data.


Our expertise to manage and support the entire Data cycle:


  • Data Strategy
  • BI Transformation
  • Regulatory Compliance (GDPR)

Data Architecture

  • System Architecture
  • Cloud / Hybrid
  • Big Data / DWH as Service
  • Data Virtualisation
  • Managed Services
  • Security

Data Integration

  • DataOps
  • Real-time
  • ETL / ELT / CDC
  • Interoperability
  • IoT Hub

Data Governance

  • Organisation
  • Catalogue
  • Lineage
  • Data Quality Management (DQM)
  • Master Data Management (MDM)

Artificial Intelligence

  • Intelligent Automation / RPA
  • Data Science
  • Text Mining
  • ChatBots

Data Visualisation

  • Self-Service BI
  • DataViz
  • Reporting
  • GeoBI

Performance Management

  • Simulation
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Trade
  • Human Resources


  • Delivery
  • End-to-end development
  • Change management


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